Sit to Donate Event

Please do not DRESS UP! Please do not HIRE A BABYSITTER!


A delicious dinner will not be happening. There will be no shopping to do, no cooking, no preparation and most of all, no guilt if you decide not to go to something you said you would attend.  Your support comes from simply making a donation!

How it Works

You buy a "ticket" but will NOT receive...

 $25  ~ an entree - chicken, fish or vegetarian 
 $50   ~ a three-course meal - amazing appetizer, main entree, and delicious dessert
 $100 ~ a three-course meal for two, including drinks
 $150 ~ a three-course meal for two, drinks and transportation
 $300 ~ a three-course meal for two, drinks, transportation, and an afternoon of pampering
 $500 ~ a three-course meal for two, drinks, transportation, pampering and shopping spree! 

Instead, 100% of your "ticket" purchase will benefit survivors by providing... 


One week of milk for families in shelter 


Four personal protection orders served to make victims safe from yet another violent attack


One session of family counseling for coping with the traumatic aftermath of abuse


One month of heat at our shelter during these cold months


100 informational packets/safety plans/resource guides for survivor outreach


Two months of 24/7 crisis line support to ensure accessibility anytime... Day or Night

Pick your own price! Customize your donation to fit your budget.

This list portrays only a small portion of ways YOUR donation can make a difference.  The services we provide are vast and adapt to each and every survivor we serve.  None of our services would be possible without your support!

Make a difference by donating from your couch or office chair between March 12-24!