Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships are often thought of as unachievable and hard to maintain, however a relationship can prosper and succeed if both partners are determined to build a good connection. Furthermore, a relationship where you feel safe, accepted, and most importantly, loved is a relationship worth having, and one that you deserve. Here are just a few features of a successful romantic partnership.

            Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Trust in a relationship involves being confident that your partner will be honest with you and honor your relationship. Moreover, it also means that you can confide in your partner and feel safe around them. Trust is not established overnight, but rather gradually through emotional vulnerability and communication. Being open and honest with your partner creates a relationship of trust and understanding. Trusting your partner and knowing that your partner trusts you is a crucial aspect of an intimate relationship.

            Another key aspect of a good partnership is respect. Many people underestimate the importance of feeling respected in their relationships, which detracts from the experience of a healthy connection.  Listening to and respecting your partner’s feelings, needs, work, space, and opinions are all necessary to build a nourishing and lasting relationship. Nonetheless, respect should be a mutual feeling, felt and displayed by both partners. It is also important to respect yourself, and your boundaries. Self-respect is a part of a healthy connection with yourself and will in turn life up each another’s mental health and well-being.

            A relationship also cannot truly prosper without effective communication. Discussing things that make you feel uncomfortable leads to a better connection between you and your partner and eliminates any barriers that may develop. Similarly, talking things out rather than ignoring them allows for less resentment and bitterness to fester. Good communication can be easily established if both parties are willing to talk and interact about their feelings and can diminish any built-up feelings in a relationship and allow for an improved connection.

            In a healthy relationship, both partners uplift one another and support the hobbies, passions, and interests of each other. In addition, having a supportive partner allows for better navigation through tough situations and acts as an emotional outlet. Support in a relationship can be shown in many ways, including through compassionate listening, problem-solving, and attending events important to his or her partner.

            All relationships are different to some extent, and these factors may not be observed 100% of the time. Nonetheless, these healthy signs should be sought as a pattern in all relationships. Relationships are not perfect, but that should not be the excuse for toxic and/or damaging behavior. A relationship should not be a burden to you or a toll on your mental health – rather, it should be a comforting relation, filled with love and joy.

Written by Fiza Aamir


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